Demultiplexing of address and data bus in 8085 pdf ^555^

Demultiplexing of address and data bus in 8085 pdf ^555^

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The Intel 8085 ("eighty-eighty-five The multiplexed address/data bus reduced the number of PCB tracks between the 8085 and such memory and I/O chips. is the fact that the buses require demultiplexing; however, address latches in the Intel 8155, 8355, and 8755 memory chips allow a direct The data bus and the low order address bus on the 8085 microprocessor are multiplexed with each other. This allows 8 pins to be used where 16 would normally be required. The hardware interface is required to demultiplex the bus by latching the low order address in the first T cycle, on the falling edge of ALE. In microprocessor 8085, the lower order address bus is multiplexed with 8 - bit of data bus. To design minimum mode 8085 system we require separate address and Databus. For this, we have to achieve demultiplexing. As far as 8085 microprocessor is concern, to achieve demultiplexing 8085 has one output signal named Address Latch Enable (ALE). 3/22/2019 CKPCET,Surat 32 The 8085 Bus Structure. The 8-bit 8085 CPU (or MPU - Micro Processing Unit) communicates with the other units using a 16-bit address bus, an 8-bit data bus and a control bus. 8085 Microprocessor Architecture and Memory Interfacing by Rahul Patel, Assistant Professor, EC Dept., The combination of control signals as well as demultiplexing the bus system. Microprocessor & Interfacing (140701) memory address from the PC on address bus. Data Flow from Memory to MPU. Address Bus, Data Bus, Control Bus Address Bus The 8086 CPU uses the address bus to select the desired memory or I/O device by generating a unique address which corresponds to the memory location or the location of I/O device of the system. Demultiplexing of system bus in 8086 Microprocessor INTEL 8085 MICROPROCESSOR CPU architecture 1. PIN Diagram Address Bus: The pins A8-A15 denote the address bus. They are used for the most significant bit of memory address. Address/Data Bus : AD0-AD7 constitutes the Address/Data bus. They are time mult

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